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Let’s experiment – Evidence-based Management

How do we and our teams set valuable goals and why is evidence useful to achieve our goals? We will address this topic at the nushu breaky on 24th of June. Goal-oriented decision making: Let’s base our everyday decisions on outcome focused goals. Let’s measure what makes sense on our path towards those goals.

Evidence-based Management

The framework of Evidence-based Management (EBM) originally comes from product and software development and is intended to provide an empirical view of value creation. Katrin Wellmann, our speaker, is sure: The approach is suitable for all business women who care about goals and decision-making. And let’s be honest, we all do! So let’s dive right into it.

At this event we will talk about why it is so important to base decision-making on evidence, how to set goals and how to decide what to measure. In fact, those who not only know their goals well, but continuously follow the steps to get there, are more likely to achieve them. So let’s figure out together how to create valuable goals, measure the right things and improve as we go. 

This Event will be held in English.

Unsere Speakerin

Katrin Wellmann

Business Agility Enablement Senior Manager - Agile Coach & Trainer 

Katrin Wellmann is an experienced Business Coach & Professional Trainer in the field of Business Agility. Having led her own Industrial Design Company in the past, she is since a decade focused on supporting Leadership in all kinds of industries to develop customer centric value with high quality and deliver early and often. Inspecting & Adapting regularly is her focus. She is also a Systemic Coach & Change Manager – she works with individuals as well as teams.


Register via nushu connect until two hours before the event starts, so you can be part of it. This event is for nushu members only. Not a nushu member yet? Then follow this link! We are looking forward to seeing you! ✨


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