events | 30.11.2022 | 12:30 Uhr | digital

Transformation and leadership in volatile times

Rapid transformation has become a necessity for companies, especially in the last five years and due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a high proportion of large-scale transformations fail and this risk remains a major concern for many leaders. So, as a leader, how do you drive transformation and innovation in volatile times and how do you inspire your team to engage in the process?


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Karolina Vozgirdaite

Director Consumer Experience, Philip Morris International 

Karolina Vozgirdaite has almost 20 years of experience in leading international companies, working in market research, brand building, marketing strategy, marketing and consumer experience. She drives the internal transformation that comes with cultural change and has a passion for consumer and employee centricity. In her actions, she excels in empathy, curiosity and respect, and strives to combine a happy family life with personal professional growth.

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