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Unconscious Bias – the blind spots between us

14.04.21 | 07:00 pm CET | digital

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When we talk about unconscious bias we talk about relationships – relationships at work, in our neighborhood, with our friends and within our family… But it’s also about the relationship with our inside – how we perceive us in relation to others and what we think is right or wrong. A talk about hidden cognitive biases is always an invitation to reflect on our first intuition.The discussion about implicit biases needs to walk away from blame to appeal to responsibility of each of us, because we define the possibilities and power for us and others.

This vertical is for German nushus who live abroad as well as international nushus who live in Germany. They have one thing in common: working in a different culture. This brings challenges, the need to adapt and sometimes conflicts. Still, it is always an eye-opening experience that broadens your horizon.

So let’s share OUR stories. We can learn from each other how to take shortcuts and embrace working in a culturally different and diverse environment. And as the cherry on the cake, we grow our network in and outside Germany.

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Heike Fischer
Heike Fischer

Heike has more than 20 years of global Marketing experience, worked for Unilever where she spend majority of her time in London working in a culturally diverse environment. Since 2019 she works as Global Brand Director NIVEA MEN at Beiersdorf leading a team with 8 nationalities. 

Valentina Santaniello
Valentina Santaniello

Valentina is coming from Italy. Her studies brought her from Milan to Barcelona passing by Atlanta. In 2012, she started her finance career in P&G in Geneva and moved then to Frankfurt. Since 2019, Valentina is Head of Commercial Finance for DACH at Kellogg in Hamburg.

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