Effectiveness within your TEAM

events | 27.03.2024 | 16:30 Uhr | digital

Effectiveness within your TEAM

Unlock the power of the right tools and mindset to elevate team effectiveness. In our session, you will learn practical strategies and techniques to enhance team collaboration and performance.

Our Senior Coach

Meike Müller

Coach & Mediator 

Meike Müller has been an entrepreneur for a quarter of a century. During this time, she has worked in various industries and companies, ranging from startups to publicly traded corporations. Her passion lies in unlocking the potential of businesses, organizations, and their teams and bringing it into fruition. Meike began her entrepreneurial career by founding a consulting and think tank company. She sold her shares in this venture in 2006 and shifted her focus to technology-driven personalization in direct and online marketing. She was also involved in the founding of a blockchain company and worked as an interim manager for innovations at a publicly traded manufacturer of postage machines. Currently, she is serving as an interim leader at a startup in the alternative healthcare sector and is driving the reorientation of her existing business model. She teaches at international business schools and serves as an advisor and mentor to startups. Meike studied economics and holds an Entrepreneurial Master’s degree from MIT in Boston.Meike is…

  • An experienced Google Design Sprint facilitator (taking ideas to customer-tested prototypes in 5 days).
  • An OKR (Objective & Key Results) expert.
  • A trained mediator.
  • A certified Strengths Compass® Coach.

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