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How to achieve a million-dollar turnover!

Sophie Trelles-Tvede, founder of the beauty company „invisibobble“, will tell you in our nushu insights, how focus instead of uncertainty made her achieve a million-dollar turnover. When Danish-born Sophie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in England in 2014, she already had 22 employees and her products, spiral-shaped hair elastics, were sold in around 40 countries. Forbes magazine also put Sophie and her co-founder on the „30 under 30“ list, including the most influential and innovative under-30s.

The idea for the invisibobble began to form in Sophie‘s first semester at University. Sophie loved the ponytail look but one thing kept bothering her. She suffered from headaches every morning and always had that kink in her hair that we all know and hate. Today, about ten years after its founding, the product is sold worldwide – their turnover is in the double-digit millions.

But how did she get there? In our nushu insights, the more than experienced founder Sophie gives us an insight into her daily routine, reviews and explains what her important learning has been on her way so far and how you can also use it for your job!

Our speaker

Sophie Trelles-Tvede

Managing Partner at New Flag GmbH 

Sophie Trelles-Tvede was born in Denmark, attended school in Zurich, studied in England and now works in Munich. Together with Felix Haffa, she invented the revolutional spiral hair ties, called invisibobble®, in 2012. Forbes honored her for this in 2016 with a mention in the „30 under 30“ list.

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